25 Ways Mother’s Day Is Celebrated Throughout The World

Originating in the US in the early 20th century, Mother´s Day has become a popular event celebrated in many parts of the world. As most countries celebrate Mother´s Day on the second Sunday of May, which is just around the corner, we decided to dedicate today´s post to this festive occasion. From fiesta in Mexico to tying moms with ropes in Serbia, check out these 25 Ways Mother’s Day Is Celebrated Throughout The World.



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The US is where modern Mother´s Day began and the Americans celebrate it with a lot of enthusiasm and importance. One of the national holidays, it is a day when phone lines are busy with exceptionally heavy traffic as people are calling and texting their mothers and shops and restaurants are bursting at the seams.


United Kingdom

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In the UK, people celebrate Mother´s Day on fourth Sunday of Lent (which was on March 15 in 2015). Known as the Mothering Sunday, it is a day when they buy gifts, chocolates and flowers for their mothers. In fact, the tradition of the Mothering Sunday dates back to as early as 17th century.



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In France, Mother´s Day used to be a part of an effort to fight low birth rate and encourage women to have more children. However, the celebration lost the natalist idea during the last decades and these days, it is a heavily commercialized event, celebrated on the last Sunday of May.



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The Australians celebrate Mother´s Day on the second Sunday of May by giving their mothers flowers and cards. There is also a tradition of wearing carnations on this momentous day – a colored carnation signifies that the person’s mother is living while a white carnation is used to honor deceased mothers.



Indian motherjezebel.com

India is a country relatively new to the Mother’s day celebration tradition with the event gaining popularity. Adopting the American model and date of the celebration, Mother´s Day in India is mostly celebrated in cities and urban areas.

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