25 Ways To Successfully Get Through College

Anyone who has been through it will tell you that college is not easy. It takes up your time, energy, finances, and even, to an extent, your sanity. Even the most dedicated students can feel overwhelmed at times. Some don’t even make it to the end. But that doesn’t have to happen to you if you follow these 25 Ways To Successfully Get Through College.


Decide on a major, and stick with it.


Decide on a major as soon as possible so you don’t have to waste your time chasing frivolous endeavors. College is expensive. The faster you decide on a major, the faster you can leave college, and the less money you will spend on classes you don’t need. If you decide to change majors, do it early and find out in advance what classes you need to take to graduate on time. Take summer classes to catch up if need be. If you have the opportunity, take some transferable courses at a community college where credits are cheaper. 


Don’t hesitate to seek help.


This is tough for some people. Asking for help can sometimes seem like a sign of weakness. Do not fall into this false belief! In college, you will need to ask for help and ask often. Again, spend time with your teachers during office hours, or join a study group. If you know early on that you are taking a class that you cannot pass, drop it, and save yourself the stress of trying to squeak by with a passing grade.


Don’t keep your hands too full & know your limits.


College will give you many opportunities to do many things whether it’s a fraternity, sport, club, volunteer work, etc. The trick is to know what you can take on beforehand. If you are a full time student, you won’t be able to do everything you want to do. You can become stressed, which will lower your productivity and enjoyment of your activities. You might not be able to give each activity their required attention, making you unreliable, which will force you to have to quit later on. Even worse, if your grades start to drop, you could be in danger of being kicked out of school, dropping out, or losing scholarship and financial aid. An employer would rather see you excel in your studies and one or two activities throughout your career than see a resume filled with activities that you couldn’t fully devote to accompanied by a weak GPA.


Employ effective time management.


Time is valuable. Once spent, you can’t get it back. Don’t procrastinate, but don’t overdo it either. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to activities that take too much of your time with little benefit to you. Learn how to take advantages of breaks in the day to accomplish small tasks or squeeze in some rest from all of your hard work.


Utilize resources included in your school's activity fee.


For many colleges, the activity fee associated with your tuition enables you to use certain college facilities such as the library, the gym or recreation center, fields, conference rooms, etc. Familiarize yourself with what your college offers you, and use it for both work and recreation to help you study easier and keep fit.

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