25 Websites Compared to Muppet Characters That’ll Make You Laugh

You’re thinking, “25 Websites Compared to Muppet Characters That’ll Make You Laugh” is a strange list! But guess what, it’s one of the most hilarious List25 compilations. We all have our favorite websites and Muppet characters. On their own, websites and Muppet characters are great. You know, they’re fine. Many do their job well. But, what if we smashed them together? Now we’re talking! As it turns out, many Muppets embody the traits of popular websites, and vice versa, with hilarious results.

All you need to do is look, and you’ll see the similarities. From Kermit to Fozzie Bear and Reddit to Facebook, all of these things hold a special place in our heart, but now it’s about to get way better. We’ve combined them into one sweet, everlasting marriage. Never again will you be able to see your websites the same way. Can you guess which Muppet is YouTube? We’re going to guess you can’t. Whether you like it or not, here are 25 websites compared to Muppet characters that’ll make you laugh.

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Digg.com is Bean Bunny

bean bunny

Cosmopolitan.com is Janice



Pitchfork.com is Zoot


AllRecipes.com is The Swedish Chef

swedish chef


Lifehacker.com is Bobo the Bear


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