25 Weird Sharks You Never Heard Of

Hi, I’m Adam from Epic Wildlife, Did you know that there are over 440 species of sharks? And that’s just the ones we’ve discovered. Here are 25 weird sharks that your average person hasn’t heard.

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Japanese Wobbegong (Orectolobus japonicas)


This ray-like species of shark has distinctive flaps of skin, called barbels, which hang from its mouth that enable it to taste and feel. Found mostly around the Philippines, the construction and coloring of this shark makes it a very efficient predator.


The Megamouth Shark


Since it’s discovery in 1976 there have been very few sightings of this extremely rare deep sea shark. It gets its name from its giant mouth which is home to 50 rows of tiny hooked teeth.


The Australian Ghost Shark


Also known as the Elephant Shark this shark is only about 4 feet long. This slow growing shark is easy to recognize because of its trunk like snout.


The Goblin Shark


This extremely rare shark is believed to grow up to 13 feet in length. It’s known for its protruding mouth in which its jaws can extend out like a hand to grab prey.


The Theresher Shark


This fast swimmer has a unique tail in which it uses to heard together smaller fish like cattle making them easy prey. Its tail alone can weigh over 700 pounds making up 33% of its body weight.

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