25 Weird Ways Animals Sleep

Have you ever wondered whether animals sleep like us? Well, as you may suspect the answer is a resounding no! Okay, some do, but for the most part animals are quite unique in their sleeping habits. From bears and whales to frogs and rodents these are 25 Weird Ways Animals Sleep!

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Dolphins and whales sleep with only one half of their brain at a time. This prevents them from drowning in their sleep.

dolphinSource: nationalgeographic.com

Bats can sleep up to 20 hours per day! They also sleep upside down because it's easier for them to take off from that position. (Their wings are rather weak.)

BatsSource: nationalgeographic.com


Some animals (like rodents) can sleep for half the year! It's called hibernation and allows the animal to survive through periods of cold or insufficient food.

rodentsSource: scientificamerican.com

Since sharks have to keep moving in order to get oxygen through their gills, scientists believe that most species may be able to put their brains to sleep but continue swimming.

sharksSource: nationalgeographic.com


Scientists have hypothesized that white sharks face the current while sleeping. This way water flows into their gills with no effort from the shark itself.

sharksSource: scientificamerican.com

Featured Image: shutterstock, 25-2. pixabay (public domain), 1. shutterstock

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