25 Weirdest Fears and Phobias You Never Expected

Let’s face it, humans are fragile and can have some of the weirdest fears and phobias. We live in a dangerous world. Pretty much anything can cause us to shuffle off our mortal coil. That’s just in regards to our physical bodies, but we seem pretty emotionally fragile. At least, if I am to believe half the stuff I read on Twitter. So maybe it’s time to reevaluate the word phobia.
It’s almost always defined as an irrational fear. However, maybe no fear is truly without merits. If that’s the case, then this list can be read as a survival guide of sorts. And if you happen to see a fear you already have, don’t think that makes you personally strange. It makes you smart. You’re prepared for something the rest of us haven’t considered. So, to make you as safe as possible, I present the 25 weirdest fears and phobias you never expected.

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friendsSource: http://common-phobias.com/Deipno/phobia.htm

This is the fear of dinner parties. There’s a lot of phobias that have to do with being afraid of social situations, but this one was the most relatable for me. I’m not personally afraid of dinner parties, but I could understand if some of my friends developed this phobia. They’re probably at least very tired of my, “Politics in the Speed Racer film” lecture.




I work around kids when I’m not writing articles so I’m surprised this fear, the fear of young people, isn’t more common. Through personal experience I believe empathy develops around the age of 24. When dealing with anyone younger, you just have to hope you caught them on a good day.




I doubt anyone reading this article has this phobia, the fear of opinions. If you do, we appreciate you sticking with us. The number system of this piece is mostly arbitrary if that makes you feel better.




I have some personal experience with this fear, the fear of being single. It’s not something I suffer from luckily, by my mother seems more and more frantic every time she asks me about my love life. Mom, I know you read all my articles, I’m working on it.



wood cubehttp://common-phobias.com/Sesquipedalo/index.htm

This list will be a tough read if you have this, the fear of long words. Ironically, “Sesquipedalophobia” may be the longest word in the article. However, stick to the explanations and you should be okay. Despite being a professional writer, I have a pretty basic vocabulary.

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