25 Worst 90’s Hairstyles We Can’t Believe Were Popular

The 1990s were a crazy time. Boy bands were a thing; the internet was just getting started, and people were doing ungodly things to their hair. Of course, hairstyles come and go. Some stay past their welcome, and others die quicker than you can say “mullet.”

From crimping to spiky hair, there were so many bad 90’s hairstyles it’s hard to include them all. Let’s go back in time, shall we? Here are 25 Worst 90’s Hairstyles We Can’t Believe Were Popular.

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Front flipped hair


Worn by Alicia Silverstone in the movie Clueless, the front flipped hairstyle in the ’90s was so easy, all girls had to do was swoop over part of their hair and call it a day.


"The Rachel" Haircut

Rachel_Green_Rachel_haircutSource: http://www.instyle.com/

“The Rachel” haircut from the hit television show Friends spawned a thousand look-alikes in the early ’90s. From the looks of it, it was originally conceived from a Billy Ray Cyrus haircut. Though word on the street is Jennifer Aniston wasn’t a huge fan of it, to begin with.


Sarah Jessica Parker Perm

sarah jessica parker

The Perm is something of an old relic where women, and sometimes men, would put a giant upside down bowl over their heads that magically curled their hair. We’d gather this thing existed probably until “The Rachel” came on the scene. A true shame.


Poofy ponytail

90s poofy ponytail

The 90’s poofy ponytail as seen above was like a volcanic explosion of hair that burst out of someone’s head and just hung there, waiting desperately to go out of style. Also, scrunchies.


Gelled curls


Two words that’ll haunt your nightmares and make you look over your shoulder: gelled curls. This was the look 90’s guys wanted to be Justin Timberlake. Or, maybe, look like they always just got out of the shower.

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