25 Worst Infomercial Products People Still Buy

Since their very beginnings in the early 1950s, infomercials have sold thousands of different products that range from cool and helpful to lame, weird and completely useless. Some products offered on infomercials might leave you scratching your head, wondering “why on Earth would anybody buy this?” But, the fact remains, people still buy these crazy products. From the Bear Scratch to the Uro Club, these are 25 worst infomercial products people still buy.

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Tiddy Bear

Tiddy BearSource: tiddybearcomfortstrap.com

Available in pink or gold color, the Tiddy Bear is supposed to eliminate all your seat belt problems and make driving more comfortable. Yes, the name of the product is just as weird as the product itself.


Potty Putter

Potty PutterSource: amazon.com

Haven´t made it to the golf course for weeks? No problem. With the Potty Putter, you can practice your putt anytime you sit on the John. Because there is no place like the toilet to become a golf pro.


Shake Weight

Shake WeightSource: amazon.com

This suspiciously looking vibrating thing is supposed to shape and tone your upper body. By holding it for only 6 minutes a day, you too can look like a professional bodybuilder in no time.


Slap Chop

Slap ChopSource: youtube.com

Stop having a boring tuna salad. Stop having a boring life. Chop your vegetables, fruits, eggs, nuts and other healthy foods with the Slap Chop and “make America skinny again”.


Comfort Wipe

Comfort WipeSource: youtube.com

The Comfort Wipe is the solution to personal hygiene when “reaching is a challenge”. According to the infomercial, this product allows you to maintain your dignity while maintaining your personal hygiene. Who could resist this amazing thing?

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