25 Worst Tourist Traps In The World

If you’ve done any traveling at all, then chances are you’re familiar with heavily advertised, overpriced, and ridiculously crowded tourist traps. Nobody likes a tourist trap. More often than not you feel like more was taken from you than received. Plus, the feeling of being stressed out afterward is never fun. Although some of these spots are worse than others, and a few of them are certainly worth seeing in spite of the downsides (just consider yourself warned), these are still widely considered to be the 25 Worst Tourist Traps In The World.


Pyramids of Giza, Cairo


Every day about 5,000 people flock to the Egyptian desert to see the Pyramids. Although it’s possible to get away from the crowd by opting to take a camel ride or even an aerial tour via helicopter, to get a close look, your only choice is to join the crowd. Your second best option is to make your way farther south to Saqqara and check out the Step Pyramid, which is a little bit more off the beaten path.


Cancun, Mexico


This place has some of the nicest beaches in the world suffocated by some of the most extreme tourist infrastructure you’ve ever seen. You have numerous options that are all much better than Cancun, two of which would be Isla Holbox and Celestun.


Taj Mahal

taj mahal

It’s no secret, India is crowded, and if you think the Taj Mahal is any exception, then you should really consider tempering your optimism. If you’re the adventurous type, you can try crossing to the other side of the Yamuna River to get the big picture through your camera lens. Of course, the smell of rotting sewage may not be very appetizing, but we can at least assure you of the solitude.


Sydney Fish Market, Australia

fish market

Although it markets itself as a tourist attraction, there isn’t much to see or do here apart from buying some overpriced fish. The view of the harbor isn’t that great either as it’s blocked by several large cement factories.


Old Town, Prague


As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, Prague’s cobblestone streets are jam-packed with tourists flocking to see medieval Old Town. To break free of the crowd, consider crossing the Vltava River to one of the many parks on the opposite shore. You’ll get a much better view of the skyline as well as an appreciation for why it’s come to be known as the City of a Thousand Spires.

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