25 Worst Type Of Facebook Friends You May Want To “Unfriend” Today

Facebook is like a high-tech, 21st-century disease that has caused a disturbing disconnect in human relationships. It’s slowly transforming the interpersonal communication into something completely foreign. Without face-to-face interaction, users feel a false sense of security.

Sadly, when these users and their Facebook friends hit a bump on the road, situations can get ugly. It’s become such a prevalent problem, that there is a list of the types of people you want to unfriend and block!

So, without further ado, we present the 25 worst types of Facebook friends you want to “unfriend” today!

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The Photographer


Someone probably told this kind of facebooker that they have a special talent at capturing the moment and these people believed them, totally believed them. If the photo albums they post on Facebook for every little thing they do and every little place they go were worth money these people would be multimillionaires by now. There are way too many amateur photos on Facebook, way too many for a single pair of eyes to handle at a time.


The Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Talking from personal experience we have to admit that our kind can be really annoying since all we do sometimes is just post and promote our work on Facebook so we can get more views and shares. It’s a tactic every freelance writer who respects him- or herself knows and does.


The Anti-American


There’s nothing more annoying than seeing one hateful, anti-American post after another from people who don’t even know why they do it. And seriously now, why do all these people pick Facebook, of all places, to express their anti-American sentiment? Especially seeing as Facebook is an American invention that was invented by an American?


The Fake Account


The fake account is most of the time your scorned ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend who will stalk you nonstop via their fake account while their basic accounts are ignoring you with style. They are either too kind or angry with you, depending on what terms the relationship ended, and will stalk you until the moment they meet someone new or finally decide to move on and do something better with their lives. They suddenly disappear one day just as they appeared in the first place.


The Political Activist

Political Activist

The political activist is very similar to the conspiracy theorist type of facebooker. However, the only difference is that this kind of facebooker is actually posting about real facts that are globally known and not every crazy theory he or she saw on TV shows such as The X-Files and Lost. The only problem with these people seems to be the fact that their “political struggles” and protests on Facebook won’t change the world anytime soon. So, it would be better if they took all their energy to the streets and engaged in real protests or strikes.

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