Prove Yourself The King (or Queen) of Cosplay With These Crazy Difficult Anime Characters to Portray

Anime and cosplay. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, fries and ketchup, or salt and vinegar. Oh great. Now I’m hungry. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, if you go to an anime convention you’re going to find plenty of cosplayers.

And what you’ll see is always amazing, especially because when it comes to anime, there are some INSANE character designs. So, if you want to prove yourself as the King (or Queen) of Cosplay try your hands at these crazy difficult anime characters to portray.

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Ruby (RWBY)


Her costume isn’t really what makes this one difficult. It’s her weapon, Crescent Rose. Monty Oum did an incredible job when designing this combination sniper rifle/scythe, but I can pretty much bet he didn’t have cosplayers in mind. It’s pretty big and if you’re trying to go for completely accurate, it needs to transform between the two. Good luck.


Jessie (Pokémon)


Just like Ruby, it’s not so much the clothes that make Jessie hard to cosplay, it’s her hair. There’s just so MUCH of it and, as is pretty much an anime staple, it defies gravity. Even if you got yourself a wig (which, let’s be honest, you kinda have to), that’s either a TON of hair gel or wires.


Any Gundam (Gundam)


I’m not talking about the Gundam pilots (though that in and of itself is also quite an undertaking), I mean the ACTUAL Gundam Mechas. There are just so many parts that make up the “armor” I can’t imagine the time, effort, and glue this would take. And to SOMEhow not have it all fall apart on you at the con? Just, wow.


Almost Anyone from Saint Seiya


There’s not much I have to say about this. Just LOOK at all that armor (Yes, you’ll start to notice a trend soon). Every character has ridiculous armor, and if you decide to go as one of Athena’s Gold Saints, well then, I sure hope your gold spray-paint budget is high enough.


Goku (Dragon Ball)


Oh, I know what you’re thinking: “What?? Goku isn’t hard. Just an orange gi and maybe tear it in some places.” Sure. That’s a good start. But then there’s the hair (and which style to even choose?). And on top of that, there’s the physique. Goku is RIPPED. Yeah, you could be an overweight or scrawny Goku, but it’s just not the same. You either need to already have a six-pack from the heavens, or…time to get to working out to get that body con-ready.

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