All Time Best Online Anime Series That Everyone Should Watch! (List25)

So, just what is included in an all-time best anime series online list? Is it the action, storyline, artwork, or the cast of memorable characters? Maybe it’s all of them. Anime has a combination of storylines. Popular themes usually include friends who do battle with each other. Additionally, there are stories about kids in school on a journey of some sort (finding themselves). Of course, it means they have to battles against monsters and aliens along the way. We may not know exactly what it is about them that we enjoy, but lots of times we find ourselves totally mesmerized. Here is a list of All-Time Best Online Anime Series That Everyone Should Watch!


Akame ga Kill

akame ga kill

I just started this series, and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed. The graphics of the fight scenes are incredible, and the storyline is great. It’s not the typical anime that I am into, but the characters are well developed, and I’m really into it. The story follows a group of assassins called The Night Raid as they go up against the Capital and its corrupt members. It’s also pretty funny in a twisted kind of way.



voltron red lion

Don’t get it confused! I’m talking about the 80’s Voltron. (Can anyone else remember playing Voltron in the backyard with friends? I was always the red lion.) If you were a child of the ’80s, then you remember early Saturday mornings, sugar cereals, and turning on the TV for Voltron as they save Earth from the evil King Zarkon. The best part is when each member of the team comes together to form the super Voltron.


Laid Back Camp


Laid Back Camp is a touching anime about Rin Shima, a young girl who loves camping and is eager to see the best view of Mt. Fuji. She joins her school’s activities club and meets new friends. During these camping trips, Rin Shima and her friends bond and share their experiences with each other.


Cowboy Bebop

cowboy bebop

Cowboy Bebop is one of my personal favorites. It has it all – action, violence, comedy, and great graphics. Cowboy Bebop is the story of two intergalactic bounty hunters, Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, who, along with their team, go after the most wanted criminals. The storyline and the relationship that the characters have with each other, along with the action, is what makes this anime a great choice.


Assassination Classroom

assassination classroom

This is a great anime with a unique plot. An alien has come to Earth and has positioned itself as a teacher in a high school. The alien gives the students a challenge. If they can kill it, then he won’t blow up Earth. The problem is the alien is all-seeing, all-knowing, and can anticipate the students’ moves. For me, the reason I love this series is the dichotomy between the alien teacher’s permanent “Have a Nice Day” face and his penchant for creating chaos and destruction.

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