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  • Al Capone mugshot

    25 Extremely Notorious Gangsters

    What attracts a person to organized crime? Gangsters are members of criminal organizations known for their illegal activities, particularly drug smuggling, gambling, bootlegging, and assassinations. For decades, these groups have been active in several countries, most notably in Europe, Asia, the United States, and Latin America. Most of these gangsters became infamous from the severity […] More

  • shelled tigernuts on a brown table

    25 Uncommon Food Crops You’ll Want To Try

    Are you ready to be introduced to some “weird” edible plants? You are probably familiar with the benefits of crops such as potatoes, beans, rice, etc. However, are you familiar with the benefits of a yacon? How about a quamash? These are crops that you may or may not have heard of before, but they […] More

  • Black and white photo of hands in chains

    25 Worst Cases Of People Being Wrongfully Accused

    The goal of a strong justice system is to provide fair and impartial judgments, but no system is foolproof. Corruption, carelessness, and a lack of concrete evidence can sometimes put the wrong person behind bars, and it happens more often than you would think. Are you ready to hear these unfortunate stories? Here are the 25 […] More

  • student biting pencil and working on laptop computer

    25 Ways To Successfully Get Through College

    Anyone who has been through it will tell you that college is not easy. It takes up your time, energy, finances, and even, to an extent, your sanity. Even the most dedicated students can feel overwhelmed at times. Some don’t even make it to the end. But that doesn’t have to happen to you if […] More

  • smallest letter in the palm of hand with coin for reference

    25 Smallest Things You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

    Size can expand from beyond microscopic to encompassing the entire universe and everything in between. What may be large to some organisms may seem small to others. For humans, small can be anything from the cells we can’t see with our naked eye to the miniature versions of larger things that we create with our […] More

  • Toilet and sponge with question, "Which one is dirtier?"

    25 Things You Won’t Believe Are Dirtier Than Your Toilet

    There are a ton of objects in your home that can attract germs, dirt, bacteria, and dust, and you may not believe what they are! The bathroom is one of the first places that come to mind when you think of dirty spots, but there are actually several less obvious places that are even dirtier. […] More

  • close up of one person handing a yellow flower to another

    25 Easy Ways To Be A Kinder Person

    It doesn’t take a lot to be kind to another individual. All you need is a little effort, courage, and compassion to make somebody feel special and important. In doing so, not only will you be a better person to others, but you will also feel better about yourself. Here are 25 Easy Ways To […] More

  • 25 People That Are Doing It Wrong

    25 People That Are Doing It Wrong

    When it comes to hilarious photos, the right mixture of timing and stupidity is crucial to capturing the moment. People of all ages are susceptible to clumsiness, carelessness, and ignorance. It’s just that these days, there is always someone with a camera to document these moments. The people responsible for these photos below may be […] More

  • monkeys looking at statues

    25 Awesome And Funny Animal GIFs

    If you’ve seen our lists of 25 epic fail gifs and 25 epic win gifs, then you know how entertaining it can be watch people do ridiculous things over and over again. Not to be outdone, however, our furry four legged (and two legged) friends now have an epic featured list of their own. So, […] More