Best Male Cosplay Costumes That Won’t Waste Your Time (List25)

If you’re looking for the best cosplay costumes for guys, males, boys – whatever you want to call yourself, we’ve got it here! And, if you don’t know what cosplay is, well, it’s that thing people do because October 31st only happens once a year. That was a joke.

Calm down. I was never much of a cosplayer myself, but my girlfriend most definitely is and always has been. As you read this article, you’ll realize that she can, in fact, be very persuasive, and that’s put me in a position where I’ve had to think about my own “manly” cosplay. Sometimes, you want to keep things simple and go to a comic con.

The only problem is that you’ll actually stand out more if you’re NOT dressed as something, so Tristan is here to help with Best Male Cosplay Costumes that That Won’t Waste Your Time.

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Peter Parker

Best Male Cosplay Costumes and outfits for men and boys

Hey, we promised you easy, and that’s what you’re going to get. Get yourself a nice pair of glasses, some jeans, and a button up shirt that covers a Spider-Man costume underneath. Now it looks like you’re ready to transform into the Amazing Spider-Man at any moment. For added effect, get a camera to carry around, and even take pictures of other cosplayers! Brilliant, but lazy!



Best Male Cosplay Costumes and outfits for men and boys

There’s a difference between cosplay and Halloween costumes, but that doesn’t mean both can’t be scary. Get yourself a cheap suit (or a good one that you already have) in black or navy, make your hair look nice and presentable, and finish it off with an American Flag pin on your jacket. Now go out there and make promises, like trying harder at cosplay in the future! See, it’s great because just like a REAL politician, you’re never actually going to follow through on this promise!


Man in Black

Best Male Cosplay Costumes and outfits for men and boys

This costume couldn’t be easier if you wanted it to, and if you do want that, beggars can’t be choosers, so stop getting annoyed with me! Get yourself a standard black suit, white button up and black tie along with some dark shades. Finish it off with anything that looks like a silver rod. Now go erase any memories of you being a bad cosplayer.


Peter Pan

Best Male Cosplay Costumes and outfits for men and boys

Ironically, Peter Pan is the story that I grew up with. It was the first thing I was ever obsessed and fascinated with, and I still am to this day. I’m ALSO still waiting for them to make a gritty movie that’s as accurate as possible to the book. We got close with the 2003 version, but we’re not there yet. Maybe I’ll just have to do it myself.

Oh, right. We’re here to talk about cosplays, not Tristan’s childhood. Peter Pan is easy to cosplay, not because of a simple costume, but rather because there are so many different looks to take from. The Pan story has been adapted so many times that you can get away with pretty much anything as long as it has some simple elements, mainly lots of green, whether it just be a green tunic or a shirt and leggings with leaves all around them. That’s what matters most. Finish off the look with a green hat with a red feather (optional) and a short sword so you’re ready to face off against pirates.

(For the record, Pan uses his sword to kill other people and things, but we’ll have to wait until the gritty reboot happens to confirm it for some people.)


Robin Hood

Best Male Cosplay Costumes and outfits for men and boys

You’re either going to think me incredibly clever or incredibly lazy for this one, but the truth is that I’m both on a good day. Follow every step from the Peter Pan cosplay up above, but stop when you get to the sword. Instead of a sword, carry around a Bow & Arrow. Now you’re Robin Hood instead!

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