Best TVs of 2022

Are you saving to buy a new TV this year? To help you choose the best TV on the market among the various popular brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba, TCL, Vizio etc., we have rounded up some the best-in-class TVs. Our collection ranges from the best TV overall, best budget priced TV, best smart TV, best LCD TV and so on. When we made a visit to the CES 2019, we were literally amazed at the amount of new technology offered in the TV industry and what the biggies like Sony, Samsung, and LG have cooked up for us this year. This year we see many models flaunting the latest OLED panels and ultra-high definition (4K) screens.

We have analysed various models to get the best of the lot to help you make an informed decision to buy the best TV that suits your budget. So just relax in your couch, have a sip of your delicious coffee and read through this interesting article to buy the best TV in 2019 and other important information you need to know before buying a TV.

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What Screen Size Should I Get?

various screen sizes

When it comes to choosing the size of your TV, it all boils down to the size of your room where you’re going to watch TV. It can be a bit annoying to watch a big screen that is too close or a small screen that is placed too far away. The general rule of thumb when choosing a screen size is that the distance from your couch to your TV screen should be around 1.5 times of your TV screen’s diagonal measurement. So if your couch is around 6 ft from your TV screen, then you can easily choose a TV screen 42-60 inches in size. If it’s 5ft away, you can go for a screen size of 37-52 inches.


What's the Difference Between OLED and LED?


A decade ago, TV manufacturers launched the first flat model in the name of Plasma TVs. Over the years with the advent of LCD and LED TVs, plasma TVs are dead now. So now you have the choice of choosing between LED and OLEDs.

Previously LCD TVs used CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) to backlight the panels, but nowadays, LEDs have largely replaced the CCFL Lamps. Now LED TVs come with either backlit or edge lit models, where LEDs are used in the edges of the panels to light up the screen in edge-lit, and back-lit designs utilize LEDs behind the panel for illumination.

When it comes to the latest OLED (organic light-emitting diode) models, the technology is quite different from LED TVs despite the similar acronym. OLED TVs utilizes diode to illuminate the panel and can produce excellent black level even more than LED TVs. For this reason, you’ll find that OLED models are more expensive than LED TVs.


Should I Buy a Curved TV?

curved tv

Normally, most of the TV models out there come with flat screens, but we can see some curved screen models as well. Samsung was the forerunners in pushing the curved models in the market, claiming that curved screens offered a better TV experience. But as far as our testing with various curved screen models, that was not the case. Even though the design of a curved TV may offer a more striking look when compared to the flat models, performance-wise they don’t offer the best experience when a big curved screen is watched by a group of people. People who watch the TV from an off-center angle may see some distortion in the images. So unless only you buy a smaller curved screen or if you watch alone, you should stay away from a curved screen.


What is a Smart TV?

smart tv

With the immense growth in internet technology, TV manufacturers have started to come with models that allows you to connect your TV to the internet and access most of the online services like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon right from the comfort of your couch. A smart TV is one that helps you access internet services from your television. Some manufacturers even provide you the option to access social media channels like Facebook and Twitter while many allow you to play most of your online games on the big screen. There are also several 3rd party tools like Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku TV that help you to connect your TV app with online services.

So now let’s take a look at some of the best TVs in the market, which our technical team recommends after testing these TVs based on certain parameters:


Samsung Q9FN QLED – Best Overall TV

Samsung Q9FN QLED

Samsung made an unwelcoming debut with its all-new QLED technology, but they certainly bounced back in style the next year with the Samsung QFN QLED model. Moving away from its previous technology, the Q9Fn used an entirely different lighting system to improvise on the contrast issues. The Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) combines very well with the QLED Quantum dots to provide a much crisper and more colorful picture than the edge-lit LED lighting models.

When it comes to QLED series, the Samsung Q9FN definitely sits on top with its impressive color range and contrast levels. The outlook of the Q9FN is incredibly simple as the screen is embodied in a dark metallic bezel that is only an inch wider with a tiny little protrusion on the bottom that flaunts the Samsung logo. The TV comfortably sits on top of a strong and sturdy U-shaped black metal stand. You can easily install it on your wall with the help of a compatible mount.

The one-connect box is the brain behind the Q9FN as it provides the power and signals to the TV. Adjacent to the one-connect box, you can see 4 HDMI ports, a single LAN port, a connector to feed your cable signals, along with a power cable connector. We can also see 3 USB ports provided on the right side of the TV.

Samsung continues to entertain its users with its impressive Smart TV platform and most of the functions you can find with the Smart TV platform are mostly Samsung-centric. Another notable aspect with the Smart TV feature is it utilizes the age-old bixby voice assistant whereas other manufacturers have moved onto the latest Alexa and Siri. The bixby voice assistant can only control a mere 200 gadgets or so compared to Alexa and Siri which can be used to control thousands of devices.

The viewing experience is exceptional with the Q9FN, and you can see the impressive color range by seeing the BBC’s Planet Earth II. The natural colors look extremely vibrant without showing any kind of over-saturation. Even finer and tiny details like bark and leaves look sharp and crisp, providing a lifelike viewing experience.

We can see various power modes provided in the Q9FN that help you to save power. In the normal viewing mode without enabling the power mode, the Q9 can consume up to 131 watts whereas it comes down to 96 watts with the Eco mode and 82 watts at Medium mode. The Ambient mode is the best power saving mode as the Q9 only consumes around 77 watts.

Overall, the Samsung Q9FN QLED model scores higher than most of the models we tested with its impressive feature list including the HDR10+ and Q HDR Elitemax. Even though it cannot reach the peak contrast levels like the OLEDs, it still gives you a much wider color range and strong contrast that cannot be seen in a LED-backlit LCD model TV. The picture quality is extremely superb and that is the main reason that we have chosen the Q9FN as our editor’s choice.

Product Highlights

  • Wider 65-inchscreen
  • Accurate color display
  • Easy wall mounting options
  • Impressive Smart TV platform


  • Outstanding HDR picture quality
  • Dominant and all-round sound quality
  • Best smart system feature


  • Limited viewing angles
  • Bit Expensive

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