Biggest Rip Offs That You’ve Probably Been Tricked Into Buying

These days, you can’t be too careful. While everyone knows that emails from Nigerian princes are big scams, some rip offs aren’t so easy to spot. In fact, thousands of people fall for totally legal rip offs everyday and don’t even realize it. When you’re out shopping this holiday season, the potential pitfalls are everywhere. You don’t have to fall for it, though. With a discerning eye, you can avoid danger zones and come out better off. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you save money by avoiding all the unnecessary up-sells and overpriced junk you don’t need. Everyone should have a little extra cash for a gift for themselves, right? Here are the biggest rip offs that you’ve probably been tricked into buying.

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Starbucks Coffee


You know the truth. It’s been staring you in the face for years. Ready for it? Here it is: Coffee is cheap to produce. This article isn’t going to stop you though. It won’t stop any of us.


Electronics Cables


Big electronic stores are having trouble competing against online. Part of their solution is tricking you, your parents, and your gullible grandparents to buy $12 dollar HDMI cables for $5o dollars. In case you didn’t know, all cables are created equal. You don’t need a gold plated one. Go online.




It’s not too often that funerals get mentioned in the same sentence as rip-offs, probably because no one wants to complain about how expensive it was to bury their loved one. At an average price of $6,000 though, that’s an awful lot for a hole, a rock, and a 30 minute car ride.


Fountain Soda


Restaurants buy the soda for a fraction of the $2 they charged you. On top of that, the whole product is like 90 percent water. The margins are certainly in their favor, plus it’s super unhealthy. Work on developing that weird Stockholm Syndrome skinny people have where they claim to “prefer water anyway.”


Ink Cartridges


This whole industry revolves around selling you a cheap printer so they can sell you overpriced ink for the rest of your life. Not much to do here other than buy a new printer every time you run out of ink. If possible, print stuff at school or work for free.

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