Coolest NASA Discoveries That Changed Your Life

The coolest NASA discoveries have reshaped our entire world. It all goes back to The Space Act of 1958. That law stipulates that its research should benefit the general public. Since then, entire industries have risen out of that research, and we all benefit. You use products everyday that you probably didn’t know are rooted in NASA science. Curious to see what NASA has done to improve your quality of life? Here are the Coolest NASA Discoveries That Changed Your Life!

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Long-Distance Telecommunications

long distance tele

Used for everything from communications and spying to research and development, with around 200 NASA satellites orbiting the Earth everyday, this technology has made it possible for us to stay in touch with people on the other side of the globe, instantaneously.


Solar Energy

solar energy

To build a remotely piloted aircraft, made to fly unmanned at high altitudes, NASA put together a 28-member union called the Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology. The technology uses solar power to not add weight to the aircraft. Because of this invention, millions of homes are now equipped with crystal silicon solar power trimming down traditional energy expenses and reducing pollution.


Artificial Limbs

artificial limbs

Artificial limbs are the result of the advancement of artificial muscle systems for use in NASA space robotic and extravehicular activities.


Ventricular Assist Device


In collaboration with Dr. Michael DeBakey, Dr. George Noon, and MicroMed Technology, NASA invented a heart pump for patients waiting for a heart transplant. A heart donor is very difficult to come by, so while the patient is on queue, the Ventricular Assist Device pumps blood until a heart donor is available.


Invisible Braces


For adults that want a bright smile without the metal contraption required, the invisible braces translucent polycrystalline alumina is the result of NASA Advanced Ceramics Research in collaboration with a company called Ceradyne to protect the infrared antenna of heat-seeking missile trackers.

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