Delicious Facts About Wendy’s You Should Know

One of the delicious facts about Wendy’s you should know is their affinity for relevancy. They consistently push the envelope. In a recent publicity stunt, they broadcasted a stream on Twitch, playing the ever popular game “Fortnite.” While the stream didn’t garner much attention, the aftermath did, resulting in video clips and buzz. That’s right, the only way to sell younglings hamburgers these days is through video games.

Through their long history, Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas, innovated with drive-thru windows, simple, and cheap menus, and a host of other things no other fast food chain would touch. Often, the strategy paid off. They earned a reputation for quality food, low prices, and staying ahead of the curve. They also introduce limited-time food, like the recent Bacon Maple Chicken sandwich. Today, they hopped on board the delivery craze sweeping the U.S., allowing customers to order their food through the DoorDash smartphone app.

All that aside, Wendy’s isn’t perfect. Their menu is mostly overloaded, high-calorie junk food, full of salt, fat, and carbs. With massive hamburgers like “Dave’s Triple” and “Baconator” adding up to a thousand calories, it’s not exactly health food. Of course, that is all par for the course in the fast food industry.

Of the many fast food chains, however, Wendy’s has done one of the best jobs wooing millennials. Their snarky social media accounts, adoption of the newest technology, and revamping older stores to include bigger televisions and cozier hang outs have, by and large, won over the young folk. Plus, no one can deny the power of the Frosty.

There’s much more to Wendy’s than you might not realize, and frankly, it’s time to study up. So, get ready to devour some delicious Facts About Wendy’s You Should Know.

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Founder Dave Thomas opened the very first Wendy's in Columbus, Ohio, on November 15, 1969.

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The restaurant saw explosive success over the next ten years, opening 2,000 restaurants, some of which are in Canada and Mexico.

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Speaking of Canada, if you have a chance to eat at one of Wendy's Canadian restaurants, you'll see poutine on the menu.


By 1979, Wendy's introduced the first salad bar in a fast food restaurant.

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Their first slogan, "Quality is our Recipe," is still used today and is one of their core values.

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