Frightening Paranormal War Secrets We Can’t Explain

In the annals of history, rarely do historians include frightening paranormal war secrets. It’s basically fringe history. And, I’m not going to lie to you, this stuff can be pretty out there. Why else would you be here though, right?

We all know history is full of ghost stories and legends, and that doesn’t exclude military and war history. It’s rife with bizarre and supernatural events. As you’ll soon discover, during battles, many soldiers have claimed to witness ghosts in the trenches and UFO’s in the sky. While that in itself is scary, the fact it can’t be explained makes it even more so.

On top of all that, modern governments have initiated secret paranormal missions and projects under the noses of the average citizen. Whether it be Nazi or CIA science experiments, many countries have gone to strange, and frankly, horrific lengths to acquire power over their enemies. Just be warned, some of this stuff isn’t for the faint-hearted. Here are Frightening Paranormal War Secrets We Can’t Explain.

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Flight 19 Disappearance


On December 5th, 1945, 14 airmen of the Flight 19 group went missing after their departure from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Even more suspicious, all of them disappeared while flying over the Bermuda Triangle, and investigators haven’t been able to explain the disappearance. Naturally, many have speculated paranormal activity was at play.


The Deadly Double

pearl harborSource:

On November 22, 1941, two weeks before the infamous attacks on Pearl Harbor, The New Yorker published several strange ads titled, “Achtung, Warning, Alerte!” The ads showed several people hiding in a bomb shelter. It talked about staying in a bomb shelter, being prepared, and playing a game called The Deadly Double, a dice game. On the picture, it showed two dice with the numbers twelve and seven, numbers that don’t appear on standard issue dice. Turns out, that game doesn’t exist and as we all know, 12/7/1941 is the date of the Pearl Harbor attacks. Was someone or something trying to warn the United States?


B-17 Ghost Plane


On November 23, 1944, a B-17 bomber came in for a landing at a British air force base in Cortonburg, Belgium. This bomber wasn’t scheduled to land, so it surprised the grounds crew. When it landed, the propellers kept spinning, and for twenty minutes, there was no sign of human activity. When the crew arrived to inspect the plane, no one was on board. All the parachutes remained and nothing out of the ordinary was found on board.


The Battle of Los Angeles


After the attack on Pearl Harbor, fears and tensions rose across the United States about subsequent attacks by the Japanese. Many soldiers were put on high alert. On February 25th, 1942, radar picked up enemy fighters near Los Angeles and anti-aircraft guns started heavily firing in the 3 AM night sky. When all was said and done, they fired 1,400 rounds, but when the dust cleared, there was no sign of any invaders. No Japanese planes. Nothing. The Japanese denied ever flying or invading, leading many to wonder what force caused the radar to go off and why were there so many sightings of planes?


Heinrich Himmler's Holy Grail

heinrich himmlerSource:

The Nazis and Heinrich Himmler were obsessed with the occult, the paranormal, and the mystical. So naturally, Himmler led a mission to an abbey in Spain to obtain what was believed to be the cup that Christ drank from at the Last Supper. He thought if he obtained the grail, he would be bestowed with supernatural powers and defeat his enemies. Himmler, of course, left empty handed.

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