Ground-Breaking Ways to Live Differently

Break out of the mold! ‘Ground-Breaking Ways to Live Differently’ will show you how to transform yourself from someone following the crowd, to someone who lives an alternative lifestyle. I know I struggle to carve my own path rather than stay in a safe zone. Yet, when I do make those changes, I’m always grateful I did. Being different can sometimes bring admiration and other times, derision. Your friends might question your motives or make fun of you for being “weird.” Just remind yourself that they’re not thinking for themselves and are merely following the pack.

The truth is alternative ways of living, especially when it’s for the better, can make your life a whole lot healthier and exciting. If your goal is to live a boring life and be like everyone else, you likely don’t have to try too hard. However, if your life goal is to make your own decisions and live on your own terms, then look at what the masses are doing and start doing the opposite. Once you make these changes, you’ll likely never want to turn back. Here are a few Ground-Breaking Ways to Live Differently.


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Think Big

think big

Most people aim for what they think is attainable, but in reality, they are only giving in to limiting beliefs. It’s just as easy to think big as it is to think small; it only takes a small shift in your mindset. Besides, when you think small, you have to compete with everyone else who thinks that way. Think big, and you’ll be in a class of your own.


Make yourself wealthy, not someone else


Who owns the company you work for? If it’s not you, then you are working to make someone else wealthy. If you’re going to work hard, why not work hard for yourself?


Get inspired daily

be inspired

Most people go through life without ever getting their heart pumping. Figure out what makes you tick — what gets you going — and drink from that well daily.


Get out of your comfort zone


Do something every day that scares you. Better yet, put yourself in the position where you have no choice but to be scared. The higher your tolerance for fear and uncertainty, the more likely you are to be remarkable.




The percentage of people who never see the outside world is staggering. If you want to understand how the world works, you need to get outside your bubble.

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