Hilarious New Year’s Resolution Quotes To Make You Step It Up A Notch

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few resolutions queued up for the New Year. Creating a New Year’s resolutions is a tradition for many people all around the world. It was created by the Romans. They started each year with promises to their gods to return borrowed items and pay back debts. In modern day, New Year resolutions give people a reason to start tackling a challenge they always wanted to set for themselves. Of course, some goals are much more achievable than others. As we’ll see in a moment, some set the bar way too low with hilarious results. So, if you’ve got some resolutions in mind, let’s hope they’re a little more difficult than these. Here are Hilarious New Years Resolutions Quotes that to Make You Rethink Your Goals.


My New Year's resolution is to put my clothes back on the hangers and in my closet after trying them on.

Clothes on hangers

My New Year's resolution is to stop buying stationery to give myself the illusory sense of control over my life.



My New Year's resolution is to love myself like Kanye loves himself.

Kanye Loves Kanye

My New Year's resolution is to remember to cancel all those free trials I signed up for.

Free Trials


My New Year's resolution is to remember to clean out the lint trap.

dryer lint

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