Host the Best Party of 2021 Without It Also Being the Most Expensive Party of 2021

I’ve never met someone who doesn’t love attending a good party, but throwing one can be slightly intimidating. And if you think throwing a good party’s scary, imagine wanting to throw the best party of the year…while on (gasp) a BUDGET! I’m gonna let that sink in for a moment. Okay, anxiety attack over? Great! Let’s get started. Here’s how to Host the Best Party of the Year Without It Being the Most ​​Expensive ​Party of the Year!


Know Your Budget

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Determine a budget and stick to it! If you’re trying to not spend a lot of money, then it’s probably a good idea to know your limits immediately. Use whatever tricks you have to. Buy everything with cash, constantly check your account, or keep a spreadsheet with you. Get as simple or as complicated as you want, but a budget will be absolutely necessary if you don’t want to accidentally throw an insanely pricey party!


Stick to Easy Themes or No Themes at All

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As fun as decorating your entire apartment or house like the ocean or Hawaii might sound, it’ll be expensive. Plus, not all your guests will be able to fit in, whether it be due to their own funding or discomfort with costumes. (Don’t shame them. Costumes aren’t for everyone.) Guests should be able to attend your party as themselves and feel like they belong. Also, themed parties are expensive. Did I mention that? Because I really want to make sure that comes across. Themes are expensive.


Use Social Media Sites


Maybe you feel as though this one shouldn’t even be included. It’s 2018 (maybe even later by the time you read this!) Who actually sends invitations by mail anymore? Well, I do, but I really shouldn’t. Creating an event page (at least a month in advance) allows you to keep in constant touch with all of your guests. You can have all party requests – music, food, games – all organized in one area. Facebook has that nifty little feature where you can see who’s going, who can’t make it, and who “might” attend. You know your friends. You’ll be able to translate whether that “maybe” is a yes or a not.


Come Up With an Entry Fee


No, I’m not saying to charge your friends five bucks to enter your household. Have you ever heard the phrase, “BYOB?” Well it stands for “Bring Your Own Beer,” and it’s an absolute wallet-saver at parties! And no, your guests can’t get out of this rule by saying that they don’t drink. I don’t drink either. BYOB is just a fancy way of saying “please bring anything.” Someone might bring a liter of soda. Others might bring brownies (without nuts please; I’m not a fan). Some people WILL bring adult beverages (which ARE adult by the way. If anyone under the age of 21 is reading this, you had better not be involving alcohol at your parties). The point is that it doesn’t matter how big or how small the donation is. The more your guests bring, the less you have to worry about, and the more food and drink there is to be enjoyed!


Reach Out to Family and Friends

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Chances are that they have plenty of decorations, dishes, or accessories that they can lend you for an evening. Just make sure to develop a system to determine what belongs to whom. Once you build inventory, you can start worrying about what to buy yourself. There’s sure to be a lot less by then!

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