Link25 (164) – The Flexible Barber Edition

Are you ready? It’s been an entire week since our last Link25 and we know you’ve been eagerly anticipating this moment. As always we come to you with 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web. This week we’re featuring everything from new discoveries on Mars to the discovery of an animal believed to be extinct but found alive and well in New Zealand. But that’s not all! There’s also cat’s dancing to Hotline bling, news about the Russian plane crash, and even an inspirational story of a flexible barber who helps a boy with Autism overcome his fear of scissors. So believe me when I say, you’ll be glad you didn’t miss Link25 (164) – The Flexible Barber Edition.


Impressively flexible barber helps boy with Autism overcome his fear of scissors and get styled.


James Williams is a barber in Briton Ferry, United Kingdom, who barbs as Jim the Trim. This week, Jim the Trim went viral for going the extra mile in order to cut a few inches off the hair of a young boy with Autism. Posting on his Facebook page, Jim the Trim wrote about his new friend and client, Mason, who (Click the title to read the full story)


Here Are 10 Pieces of the Most Beautiful and Damn Creepy Pokémon Fan Art


There’s no doubting the massive influence Pokémon has had on us since they first exploded onto the western shores, and 20 years since their creation the franchise’s powers show no signs of weakening.

And in homage to its influence and iconic creature design, legions of (Click the title to read the full article)


Pit Bulls Survive Attack by Porcupine


Curiosity may kill the cat, but it also almost killed three pit bulls that decided to investigate a porcupine. While on a walk, 9-year-old Soljah got a little too close to the prickly creature and got a chin full of spines.

His two siblings didn’t like that and pounced on the porcupine, eventually (Click on the title to read the full article).


Check out this video of Dubai’s ‘Jetmen’ flying next to the world’s largest passenger plane

jetJetman Dubai

For Swiss adrenaline junkie and daredevil hobbyist Yves Rossy, simply flying around Dubai with a mere jetpack strapped to his back is nothing more than an everyday stroll through a neighborhood park. Been there; done that. So what do you do if you’re Rossy and you’re looking to inject a little excitement into an otherwise insanity-fueled activity? Well, you strap that same jetpack to your back, grab a buddy, and (Click on the title to read the full article)


Extinct Animal Found Alive and Well in New Zealand

extinct-animalphoto credit: Scanning electron microscope photo of the openings of the living fossil Protulophila in a worm tube / Paul Taylor, Natural History Museum, London

A tiny marine animal that was thought to be extinct for the past four million years has just been found living in New Zealand.

This “living fossil” is tentacled polyp called Protulophila, and they were previously only found in fossil deposits in the northern hemisphere, specifically Europe and the Middle East. Scientists think their history extended back 170 million years into the Middle Jurassic, before they went extinct in the Pliocene; the last trace of them were found in (Click the title to read the full article)

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