Link25 (250) – A Weird Internet Edition

For the past week you’ve done nothing but work, secluded from the world while the rest of us had an amazing time laughing at hilarious videos and enjoying everything else the internet has to offer. Well, now it’s your turn. These are 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web and we’re about to give you a glimpse of everything you’ve missed out on. And seriously…it was a lot. From an the truth about coconut oil to Amazon’s purchase of Whole foods, there’s something here for everyone. But enough with this petty banter. This is Link25 (250) – A Weird Internet Edition.

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The Weird Thing About Today's Internet


Hello. It’s my first day back covering technology for The Atlantic. It also marks roughly 10 years that I’ve been covering science and technology, so I’ve been thinking back to my early days at Wired in the pre-crash days of 2007.

The internet was then, as it is now, something we gave a kind of agency to, a half-recognition that its movements and effects were beyond the control of any individual person or company. In 2007, the web people were (click on the image to read the full article).


Not Going to Bed!!! Escape Artist Level 9000



How do you draw a circle? We analyzed 100,000 drawings to show how culture shapes our instincts


In November, Google released an online game called Quick, Draw!, in which users have 20 seconds to draw prompts like “camel” and “washing machine.” It’s fun, but the game’s real aim is to use those sketches to teach algorithms how humans draw. By May this year, the game had collected 50 million unique drawings.

We used the public database from Quick, Draw! to compare how people draw basic shapes around the world. Our analysis suggests that the way you draw a simple circle is linked to geography and cultural upbringing, deep-rooted in hundreds of years of written…(click on photo to read full article.)


How to Stay Entertained While Your Parents Are Shopping at the Electronics Store

selfie take over

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