The Stan Lee Legacy Edition! (List25)

List25 presents the Stan Lee legacy edition! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know by now Stan Lee has passed away. No matter how you shake it, he was a titan of the comic book industry. He created an entire superhero mythology that other writers have built on for decades and crafted characters within that universe that are now adored by millions. Of course, today, his characters have expanded well beyond the comic books and live and breathe on the silver screen. But I probably didn’t have to tell you that.

Plain and simple, I think Stan Lee was a great writer. He gave us Spider-Man, the Hulk, Doctor Strange, and countless other inspiring characters. Beyond that, he taught us lessons like “With great power, comes great responsibility” and consistently fought against bigotry and racism through works like X-Men and Black Panther. So, with all that said, it behooves me to honor his life and legacy on this segment of Link25, where I list the best of the web, including memes, videos, and news. So, let’s suit up and dive in to Link25 (320) – The Legacy of Stan Lee Edition.

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Stan Lee Is Dead at 95; Superhero of Marvel Comics


If Stan Lee revolutionized the comic book world in the 1960s, which he did, he left as big a stamp — maybe bigger — on the even wider pop culture landscape of today.

Think of “Spider-Man,” the blockbuster movie franchise and Broadway spectacle. Think of “Iron Man,” another Hollywood gold-mine series personified by its star, Robert Downey Jr. Think of “Black Panther,” the box-office superhero smash that shattered big screen racial barriers in the process (click image to continue article).

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Harry Potter: What Magic Sounds Like



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