Most Awesome Marathons in the World

If you consider yourself an extreme athlete, the most awesome marathons in the world might exhilarate you. At the same time, those on the couch potato end of the spectrum might find them terrifying. Wherever you land, everyone can agree running a marathon is one of the toughest athletic feats a human can achieve. Luckily for all you runners out there, a countless number of marathons are held all over the world, giving you plenty of options to choose from. And, no marathon is created equally with each providing a variety of obstacles, elevations, and difficulties. Some might be a great experience you can tell the grandkids when you get older, while others, like the ultra marathons, might seriously make you wish you were dead. No joke, some of these are off-the-wall insane. So lace up your running shoes, here are the Most Awesome Marathons in the World!



Intertrust Cayman Islands Marathon


This marathon is in the Cayman Islands; do I have to say more? It’s a 42.195 kilometer loop of gorgeous scenery along the ocean banks. It’s warm; it’s breezy; and there are plenty of awesome things to do before and after the race!


Bangkok Marathon


This marathon runs through many cultural and historically important landmarks in Bangkok. Though, in previous years, many issues have risen with distancing and even protests causing problems with the race. With all the extra, unexpected obstacles one might face, runners have nicknamed it a super marathon.


Rome Marathon

rome marathonSource:

If you’re going to run a marathon, you might as well run in the great city of Rome with the Coliseum in the backdrop and the beautiful city landscape before you. To top it off, listen to the soundtrack of the movie The Gladiator to make the experience even more epic.


Great Ocean Road Marathon

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This marathon runs along the Australian coast southwest of Melbourne. The starting point is Lourne, and runners will experience a beautiful view as they trek all the way down to Apollo Bay. What better way to run a marathon than with a view of the Pacific Ocean?


Rock ‘n’ Roll Maratona de Lisboa


There’s not much better than combining rock ‘n’ roll and running together. The energetic tunes, fast beats, and eye-of-the-tiger attitude really get the engine revving. Throw all that into Lisbon, and you’ve got one awesome marathon waiting for you!

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