Most Embarrassing Calls 911 Operators Ever Received

When someone calls 911, it’s normally for a life threatening or criminal emergency, not because a restaurant messed up your order or because you are worried about a seal struggling in the ocean. 911 operators have an extremely stressful job; they must quickly obtain the information needed to determine an appropriate course of action. It’s important to know that calling 911 for a non-emergency is illegal and can result in a fine or jail time. In this article you will find some of the Most Embarrassing Calls 911 Operators Ever Received.

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I can't open my bottles of beer

Beer Bottles

An elderly lady called 911 because she was unable to open up the bottles of beer she bought to help her fall asleep. She then asked the dispatcher if they could send a man over to meet her downstairs to open up the bottle. The dispatcher actually agreed to send help and informed the lady that there would be someone over shortly to help her.


I want them to make me a Western Burger

Western Burger

A women called 911 because her local Burger King was not making her Western Burger correctly. The dispatcher tried to explain to the lady that there was nothing criminal going on and suggested she calmly speak to the manager.


He is driving with his foot out the window

feet out the window

A woman called 911 because she saw a gentleman driving with his foot out the window. She continued to follow him in her car until he stopped. The dispatcher tried to explain to the woman that it is not illegal to drive with your foot out the window. She hung up and tried calling 911 again. She was warned if she kept calling, she would get a ticket for abusing emergency communications.


There is a seal in the water, and he looks like he is struggling a bit


A women called 911 when she noticed a seal in the water was struggling a bit. She asked the dispatcher if someone could come and help it. The dispatcher then responded, “With all due respect, a seal is an aquatic mammal, if it cannot survive in the ocean, then I’m afraid that’s a concept called natural selection.”


My AC is out

air conditioning

A Women called 911 during a small hurricane in Florida. She began to tell the dispatcher that her AC was out. The dispatcher tried to explain that it may be because of the hurricane. The women responded in a panicked voice that she could not open her windows and was running out of air then she hung up.

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