Naked and Afraid in the Jungle: How You Can Survive (List25)

You suddenly find yourself naked and afraid, in the jungle and you need help! The first thing to do is pinch yourself. If you’re not in a dream, we have bad news for you— it won’t be easy. As you’re probably aware, the jungle is one of the harshest and most unforgiving environments in the world with dangers on every corner. Of course, not all jungles are created equally. Trying to survive in the African jungle is much different than the Amazon rainforest. Still, many of the same rules apply. If you use these techniques and a little bit of discernment and wisdom, you might just make it out alive.

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Calm Down

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If you find yourself naked in the jungle, chances are you’re going to feel the urge to panic. Don’t. You need to calm your nerves and relax. Anxiety and stress uses a lot of energy; energy you need to survive. In the wild, every ounce of energy counts. Don’t waste it.


Find Shelter


The jungle is a brutal place and you’ll need shelter to protect against its many extremes. Unfortunately, you don’t want to stay in the jungle forever, right? No, you need to keep moving. At some point, you’ll need to create a “lean-to,” a shelter easily made with long tree branches, twigs, and leaves that can lean against a tall tree.


Find Water

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Once safety is in place, water is your most valuable resource. You need to find a source of water, no matter how disgusting. Depending on what type of jungle you’re in, you’ll need to use various tactics to find the water source. Following other thirsty animals to water sources is a good bet. You can also depend on a mass of insects or a hive of bees to tell you that water is near. If you’re in a wet environment and it rains a lot, then collect the rain from the leaves.


Build a Perimeter

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In the jungle, predators are everywhere. If you’re in the African jungle, lions, water buffalo, even elephants could be potential dangers. To keep them out, you need to build fencing, using thorn trees and thorn bushes, around your perimeter, letting them know to stay away. It could take roughly half a day and you want it to be built securely.


Build a Fire


A fire is essential to staying alive in the jungle. It’ll keep you warm at night and keep potential predators away. It also will help you cook your food and boil your water.

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