Netflix Partners Up with Rooster Teeth to Produce “War of CyberTron”

Anime fans get exciting news daily. Today, we would love to share with you a piece of pretty exciting news from Netflix.

This morning, Netflix officially announced a new partnership with Rooster Teeth. The companies will cooperate for the first time, and they will have the help of “Hasbro” also.

This cooperation will include a TV Series for War of Cybertron. Rooster Teeth will produce an original TV series based on the Transformers franchise, and it will be for Netflix. By the way, Polygon Pictures is going to animate the series. That should be exciting news for Anime lovers as the collaborative companies promise a top-notch quality of TV series and synopsis.

Netflix has its Anime section, and the director of Netflix Anime gave an honest interview a few days ago. As John Derderian suggested in the interview, everyone should see “War for Cybertron” as it will have a fantastically animated style. The anime section director mentioned that the series would explore the Transformer’s universe from a very different angle no one has done before.


Overall, Netflix shows never fail to deliver top-notch quality TV products. Keep in mind that the original series will cover a story of Cybertron world from a different approach, so it will be fun to watch for both existing Anime fans and newcomers in this universe.

Netflix Partners Up with Rooster Teeth to Produce "War of CyberTron"
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