New City Hunter Films Make an Impressive Debut

New City Hunter Films Make an Impressive Debut


Shinjuku Private Eyes

City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes poster

“City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes,” The new film based on the Iconic Tsukasa Hojo’s
City Hunter manga series, was released recently and bagged a surprising 257 million yen
(approx. US$2.32 million) on its opening weekend and 450 million yen (approx. US$4.06 million) in the first week including Monday (which was the National Foundation Day). It has made it to the list of top grossing films at the Japanese box office by ranking #4 and selling
about 500,000 till now.

The film was released in Japan on February 8, 2019 and distributed in 251 theaters. The story was written by Yoichi Kato, and it takes the audience to the setting of modern-day Shinjuku. Director Kenji Kodama, after directing most of the sequences of the franchise, is back on the sets for Sunrise Company. The film will be a treat to the viewers and will feature soundtracks by Music writer, Taku Lwasaki.

On the other hand, Kumiko Takahashi has done a phenomenal job as a character
designer by drawing dynamic characters for the film. The original cast of the City Hunters has been brought back which will surely be a great treat for the avid fans of the film. The cast includes Akira Kamiya playing Ryo Saeba, Kazue Ikura playing Kaori Makimura, Mami Koyama playing Miki, Tesshō Genda playing Umibozu, and Harumi Ichiryūsai (Youko Asagami) playing Saeko Nogami.

Moreover, to give even more to the fans, the television anime of City Hunter’s end song
– TM Network’s Get Wild – was also chosen as the end-of-credit song for the movie.


The Code Geass

The Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection still

Another famous Japanese anime series, “The Code Geass” released its brand new
sequel, “The Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection” last Saturday, ranking at #5. The
film ended up earning 286.65 million yen (approx US$ 2.59 million) in the first week.
On May 5, The Funimation production will screen the film in North America with English
subtitles and the English dubbed version on May 7-8.

Goro Taniguchi, the director, says that the film will be the last sequel; he also promised that the previous cast members would return for the sequel. The “Kono Sekai de” and “revive,” entitled as the intro and ending credit songs of the film, were performed by Leo Leiri and Unione. The concerts of Utsukushiki Kemonotachi were also featured in the film. The film starts two years subsequent to “Zero Requiem.”


Jūni-nin no Shinitai Kodomo-tachi

Jūni-nin no Shinitai Kodomo-tachi

The Naoki Prize nominated novel based live-action movie “Jūni-nin no Shinitai Kodomo-
tachi,” meaning Twelve Children Who Want to Die, stays in the top 10 on the Box office by earning an aggregate of 1,081,206,700 yen (approx. US$9.78) in its opening weekend. The film, released on January 25, managed to rank at #7 in its third week of opening. This impossible crime mystery evolves with 12 kids despaired from life, making their way to a desolated hospital, where they are astonished to find a boy lying dead in a room. Director Yukihiko Tsutsumi teamed up with the famous script writer Yutaka Kuramochi and started filming from the end of July and continued till the end of August.

The soundtrack “On our way” by The Royal Concept was set as the film’s theme song. The novel was a huge success published originally by Bungeishunju in October 2016 and was followed up with its manga adaptation by Takatoshi kumakura a year later. The finale of the series was launched on January 7.


Other Mentions

Love Live! Sunshine, The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow

The much hyped sequel “Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel II, Lost Butterfly 9” (cumulative earnings 1,429,918,296 yen), anime series “Love Live! Sunshine, The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow” (cumulative earnings of 1,429,918,296), and a Japanese fantasy Touken Ranbu film (cumulative earnings of 644,456,900 yen) couldn’t make it to the top 10 best grossing films list.

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