Smart-Home Devices That Make You Wonder How You Lived Without Them!

Once you try these smart-home devices, you’ll wonder how you lived without them! I”m not joking here! SURPRISE! Guess what? We live in the 21st Century, and it’s high time we started acting like it. For many years, science fiction movies have given us empty promises of smart homes and robots that do our chores for us! No more though! No more pain of imagination. Only beautiful bits of reality from here on out, and you can start with these Smart-Home Devices!

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Braava Jet

braava jet

The Braava Jet from iRobot was designed as an automatic mop of hard surfaces…and it succeeded! With a vibrating cleaning head and precision jet spray, Braava cleans everywhere, including hard to reach places like underneath counters and cabinets! It’s a machine that not only saves you time but also does the job better!


Brava Oven

brava oven

Don’t get confused. This device has no relation to the Braava Jet up above!

Of all the “smart devices” out there, this oven truly screams, “this is the future!” or “the future is now!” And we mean that quite literally. The Brava Oven is the first oven to cook with infrared light, rather than traditional heating methods. This oven has the capability to reach 500 degrees within seconds and cook full meals to perfection! Dan Yue, one of the cofounders says that the idea first came to him during the holidays, when his mother spent the majority of the day cooking for the family, rather than spending time with it. As someone who shamelessly agrees when people call him a “mama’s boy,” this is a tool I’d gladly purchase for my own mother this Christmas!


iRobot Roomba 980

i robot rumba

From the makers of the Braava Jet, comes the Roomba 980! Capable of cleaning hardwood floors, carpets, and other hard surfaces, this Roomba connects to your smart devices and fully maps out your house or apartment, ensuring maximum results. Come home to a nice clean house every day! Our own Mike with List25 has this product in fact and swears by it. When asked if he had anything to say, Mr. With-List25 responded, “Uh it’s [bleep]ing amazing, and I’m glad I got it. My house is much cleaner now and being able to access it anywhere in the world is pretty awesome!”


Nest Hello Ring Doorbell

nest doorbell

The doorbell was invented in 1817, did you know that? That means that last year, the doorbell celebrated its 200th birthday! Good for you, Doorbell! You deserve an upgrade, and what better upgrade than what Nest has done? The Nest Hello Ring Doorbell easily installs to existing doorbells and makes it near impossible to miss a guest at your house. When someone rings it, you’ll get the standard ringing throughout your house, as well as notifications on your phone and smartwatch. But it gets better; you can actually see who it is outside your house with a camera showing excellent quality. Is it a friend…or a salesman that you really don’t wanna deal with?



Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker

electric smoker

Everyone loves to grill and the wonderful taste of smoked foods, but let’s be honest. You’d rather enjoy the company of your party rather than slave away at the meal. This device comes with a remote, viewing window, and is an overall user-friendly smoking alternative.

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