Socks With Brutally Honest Messages (List25)

What entails the list, ‘Socks With Brutally Honest Messages?’ A lot! I am a huge fan of socks. They keep my feet warm and help blister free. Luckily, thanks to the interwebs, Amazon, and some creative genius, they can also be a fashion statement. In the case of these socks, though, they mainly just make a statement. And even if they aren’t fashionable in the traditional sense, I can bet you’ll still want a pair. I know I do. Here are some awesome Socks with Brutally Honest Messages.

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Stop talking

stop talking

You're killing my vibe

killin my vibe


I have mood swings

i have mood swings

I identify as a badass

identify as a badass


Cute by psycho

cute but psycho

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