Strangest New Year’s Resolutions You Should Consider

2019 is here. But, rather than the usual resolutions, I’m shooting for the strangest New Year’s resolutions this year. Here in Florida, it’s really nice during the first week of January. There’s a crisp breeze, but nothing extreme. I tend to do well on my resolution until the third week in January when the temp gets back up to the ’90s. And then it’s too hot to go out again till the next year. So, I’ve been thinking about abandoning the fitness plan this year. I don’t really have the time, anyway. Regardless, the point is, while broad, life-altering resolutions are easy to come up with, they’re, frankly, too hard. My plan is to attempt smaller, more specific, improvements. If you’re looking for bite size, and kind of weird resolutions, you’re more than welcome to steal one of mine. Some might be a little odd, but we’re living in odd times. Personally, I think that makes them appropriate. Here are the strangest New Year’s resolutions you should consider.

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Let Kids Enjoy Things


Twilight, Justin Bieber, and Fortnite dances are easy targets. Even a basic insult will net you a ton of accolades from internet strangers. However, 2019 should be the year we let go of that low hanging fruit. It’s the easiest way to drop some negativity. I’m mad about how awful the new “Kim Possible” movie looks too, but if kids are in to it, let’s just ignore it.


Smile and Nod


It’s tough being the smartest person in the room. You visit List25 often, so you understand the struggle. Sometimes people aren’t very receptive to learned advice. That can be okay, though. Often, just giving friends and family an ear to vent to is all they really need. Save yourself some time and frustration this year. Stop explaining “Interstellar” to me, just let me talk about how bored I was.


Stop Talking About Your Novel


This also applies to screenplays, symphonies, Shark Tank pitches, really anything you’re actively working on. I’m sure all those ideas are incredible, but telling people your plans releases endorphins that are incredibly similar to those released when you finish projects. By holding everything back, you’ll force yourself into grinding out the product. You can show the world your brilliant, fully fleshed out idea, instead of just giving an elevator pitch.


Try Weird Food

weird food

I tried sea urchin for the first time on New Year’s Eve a few years ago. It was awful. But if I leave my reaction out of the story, I sound very cultured at parties. Besides the appearance of worldliness, trying new foods can also help with any new year fitness goals you might have. Sticking to a diet is hard when all you really want is Chick-Fil-A, trust me, but that’s not going to stop my hunt for a healthy replacement. It shouldn’t stop yours either.

Need ideas for weird food? You should check out 25 Super Weird Japanese Foods. 


Watch Television with Commercials


This is not a pitch for commercialism. Ads are annoying and I want to avoid them as much as anyone else. Commercials force you to take breaks from your binge. Use that time to do push-ups or read the newspaper. Making a resolution to cut TV will likely fail before Groundhog Day. Spending half your screen time accomplishing small tasks is a good way to compromise with your lazy side.

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