Strangest New Year’s Resolutions You Should Consider

2019 is here. But, rather than the usual resolutions, I’m shooting for the strangest New Year’s resolutions this year. Here in Florida, it’s really nice during the first week of January. There’s a crisp breeze, but nothing extreme. I tend to do well on my resolution until the third week in January when the temp gets back up to the ’90s. And then it’s too hot to go out again till the next year. So, I’ve been thinking about abandoning the fitness plan this year. I don’t really have the time, anyway. Regardless, the point is, while broad, life-altering resolutions are easy to come up with, they’re, frankly, too hard. My plan is to attempt smaller, more specific, improvements. If you’re looking for bite size, and kind of weird resolutions, you’re more than welcome to steal one of mine. Some might be a little odd, but we’re living in odd times. Personally, I think that makes them appropriate. Here are the strangest New Year’s resolutions you should consider.

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Pick the Restaurant


I assume you are all familiar with the Mexican standoff that comes with choosing a restaurant for two or more people. We’re breaking that cycle in 2019. It’s our year. We’re going to have strong opinions on where we want to eat, and we will be vocal about them as soon as the conversation arises. I think people will appreciate it. If you happen to be reading this with a significant other or family member, decide right now who the designated decider is. Rock, Paper Scissors or something. No procrastinating.


Gas Station Gifts

gas station

Did you decide? Good. We can move on.

A common resolution is something broad about being nicer to people. It’s an admirable resolution, but it’s pretty tough. People are often difficult. If you’re looking for an easy way to demonstrate your charitable spirit this year, look no further than your local gas station. Whenever you’re filling up with passengers in the car, pay inside and pick up little gifts for your travel companions. Candy is cheap, but random weekday gifts go a long way with people.


Read Full Articles


If you’re like everyone else in the world, you’re cutting down on screen time time for your New Year’s resolution. But I’m going to urge you to do the opposite, and not just because I write articles.

We’re all walking around with all the knowledge in human existence in our pockets, but people barely read past headlines. Instead of abandoning social media this year, try to use it as responsibly as possible. Check sources. Read opposing points of view. It just takes keeping your phone out a little longer.


Call Your Mother (Part 2)


I know I’m stealing this from the “Heartwarming Ways to Pay it Forward” article. I wrote that, too, so it’s cool. Just because you called her one extra time around Christmas, it doesn’t mean you called her enough. Call her a lot more all throughout the year. She deserves it.


Cut Yourself Some Slack


You don’t have to pick one strict, specific way to improve yourself this year. Do a little bit of all these things. Think of your own mini resolutions. You don’t need me to tell you what to do. It’s your year. Probably. Whatever you want. Next year is fine, too.

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