Terrifying Movies You Should Watch Again Because It’s That Scary!

Have you ever scanned through Netflix, looking at titles of terrifying movies, and passed right by them? Of course you have. With so many horror movies released every year, it’s easy to look over potentially great flicks. Plus, some frightening films get lost in the annals of history and are readily forgotten about. I’d like to suggest a few terrifying movies that you should take a second look at.

But, first, what exactly makes a movie terrifying, anyway? Is it the fear of the unknown? The thing that goes bump in the night? The next door neighbor who might be a serial killer? At the end of the day, everyone has different things that scares them, including me. Everyone has different tastes. Sometimes, one person’s tame movie is another’s nightmare hellscape. With that said, it’s likely some of these you’ve watched before and never want to watch again (for whatever reason). Allow me to change your mind with these terrifying movies you should revisit.


Return to Oz

return to oz

Don’t roll your eyes, this movie scared me to death as a kid. The main villain Princess Mombi especially freaked me out, having the ability to detach and attach different heads onto her body, like something out of “Game of Thrones.” The scariest scene is when Dorothy’s walking through the chamber of severed, pale heads, and accidentally wakes one of them. Their malevolent eyes open as they scream her name, “DOOOOORTHHY GAYLE!”

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If you have a fear of snakes, avoid this movie at all costs. It’s about a 30-foot anaconda (hence the name) in the Amazon, stalking a group of explorers, and one crazed hunter, on a boat. This thing feeds on everything and I do mean everything. Not only that, it swallows people whole, digesting in the snakes stomach for months at a time. The suspense of how the snake slithers and stalks its prey will definitely get the hairs on your neck to stand at attention.


Rosemary's Baby


It’s sad to say, but I avoided senior citizens like the plague after watching this one. I knew their friendly demeanor hid a wicked agenda! Okay, I’m being a little silly, but “Rosemary’s Baby” still freaked me out. The most terrifying scene is when the sweet old ladies say ‘Hail Satan!”


Jacob's Ladder

jacob's ladder

This movie is actually one of my favorites. It tells the story of Jacob Singer, a Vietnam War veteran haunted by his time in the war. In one scene, Jacob is dragged through a hospital filled with blood-soaked floors and torsos with vibrating heads. It really gets into your psyche with the imagery, especially the demons that Jacob sees.


The Visit

the visit

M. Night Shyamalan has given us some nail-biting movies from “The Sixth Sense” to “Devil.” In this film, a girl and her younger brother go for a visit to their grandparents home. The grandparents are a tad eccentric. Little by little, they make the children fear for their lives as they display more and more dangerous, erratic, and deadly behavior. The intensity and insanity of the grandparents is truly terrifying, especially when they play mind games with the grandchildren. I’m telling you, old people in horror movies are terrifying.

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