25 Grossest Jobs You Could Have

If you think your jobs is bad, think again! Unless it involves wading through human excrement, farming maggots, or peeling roadkill off the nation’s highways, you’ve got it pretty good. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Just note that this list isn’t for the squeamish, and check out the 25 Grossest Jobs You Could Have.


Maggot Farmer


It sounds terrible, but raising maggots to sell as fishing bait or for agricultural purposes is an extremely lucrative profession. It’s just also a gross one.


Forensic Entomologist


By studying the development of maggots and other insects on dead bodies, these investigative professionals can determine certain details, such as how long a body has been dead. It’s an important job but also a dirty one as most of your day is spent not just among dead people, but rotting, smelly dead people.


Chicken Sexer


To a farmer, knowing the sex of his or her chickens early on in life is necessary in order to determine the proper nourishment track (raise for meat, laying eggs, etc). The only way to do this at an early stage of development, however, is to literally squeeze the chick, opening its anal vent, and allowing the sexer to see if it has a small bump indicating that it is male.




If your idea of having a good time includes removing puss from peoples faces as they get a facial then this may be the job for you.


Chimney Sweep

chimney sweep on the roof

Although the profession isn’t as dangerous as it used to be, and chimney sweeps no longer employ little boys to climb up narrow chimneys for them, this job is still one of the dirtiest around. Dislodging a built up of dust, dirt, and ash is sure to have you coming home full of soot each night.

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