25 Most Insane Restaurants In The World

Are you ready to hear about some of the most awesome restaurants in the world? And by awesome, we mean absolutely insane! They say that food brings people together, which is true, but now imagine that instead of eating in the same boring restaurants all the time, when you took your friends out to bond over a meal, your dinner would be served completely in pitch-black darkness. Sounds insane right? Well, that’s because these are the 25 Most Insane Restaurants in the World!

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Kayabukiya Tavern

Macaque monkeyalwaysfoodie.com

At the Kayabukiya Tavern in Tokyo, you will be served drinks by two Japanese Macaque monkeys named Yat-chan and Fuku-chan. They are both certified employees who receive their wages in the form of soya beans.


The Human Banquet

bloody mouth

Some of you probably know that Nyotaimori (meaning female body plate) is a popular method of serving sushi in Japan. Well, recently, the Japanese took things to the next level by not just eating off of the bodies but by eating the bodies themselves. Don’t worry; we’re not talking real cannibalism here; the bodies are edible creations made in the kitchen by an artistic staff. At the table you are provided with a scalpel and a plate. You and your party of faux cannibals are then left to dissect the “body” and eat its innards. Beware, things can get messy as these bodies “bleed.”


New Lucky Restaurant

dining with dead

Maybe in the United States it would be seen as a bit morbid. In India however, a country with over a billion people, death and graveyards are not as separate from society as in the west. So when Krsihan Kutti Nair started a successful tea stall outside a cemetery in Ahmadabad not too long ago, and he needed to expand, there was only one logical option…the space between the graves (painted green).


The Pop-Up Diner


The Italian town of Ferrara recently introduced an interesting concept. For 60 Euros you can buy a dinner for two and then, on the scheduled evening, receive a text disclosing the location of the meal/table, which inevitably will show up somewhere on the historical streets of the town.


Sounds of Silence

ayers rock

The only diner on our list that is located in the middle of the desert, this roofless dinner experience takes you into the middle of the Australian Outback right next to Ayers Rock and gives you a view of the stars that you could only dream of.

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