25 Most Ironic T-Shirts To Get Arrested In

If you are planning on getting arrested, then these are the most ironic t-shirts to get arrested in. We have already told you how people get arrested for what they post on Facebook or for being a “Florida Man,” but we have yet to tell you what to wear if you end up getting arrested. If you are aiming to get a chuckle from your arresting officer or just be the most amusing mug shot on the morning news, this is the list for you. If you are not trying to get arrested and instead just want to see the best funny t-shirts or sarcastic t-shirts, then this list is also for you. So sit down, put on your best graphic t-shirt and get ready for the 25 Most Ironic T-Shirts To Get Arrested In.

Woman with shirt that says How to outrun a cop
Man with Shirt that says Trouble finds me

man with shirt that says You have the right to remain silent
man with shirt that says Out on Bail

Man with shirt that says Trust Me I'm a liar

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