25 Weirdest Animals On Earth

If you’ve read our list The 25 Most Dangerous Animals In The World, then you know there are some weird animals in the wild that are not too cuddly. From four-legged land dwellers to water-paddling sea life, evolution sure does come up with some bizarre creatures sometimes.
It’s the nature of things. Diversity only makes the world a rich and vibrant place to live in. So, while we talked about dangerous animals before, this time around, we’re going to take a walk on the weird side as we introduce you to some of the most unique life forms on this planet. Here are the 25 Weirdest Animals On Earth.

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Dumbo Octopus


Due to the ear-like fins protruding from their “heads,” they have been likened to Disney’s famous elephant, after which they were named. Living at extreme depths, these creatures are a rare sight.


Yeti Crab


More formally known as the Kiwa Hirsuta, it was only discovered in 2005 deep within the South Pacific Ocean. Its hairy pincers contain bacteria that may be used to detoxify the water around the volcanic vents where it lives.


Leafy Seadragon


Found along the coasts of Australia, this marine animal resembles a piece of seaweed as it floats in the water. It is so well camouflaged that the only thing to give away its presence would be the occasional swiveling of an eye or a fluttering appendage.




Deriving their name from the extremely long tarsus bones in their feet, and along with their humongous eyes, these creatures are not only extremely strange looking but have also been known to perform ninja like feats of athleticism as they catch birds in mid-flight while leaping from tree to tree.


Chinese Goose


As strange as it looks, this is an extremely productive breed of goose as the female can lay over 60 eggs during the season.

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