Things You Wish They Taught You In High School

Ever sat in frustration at all the things you wish they taught you in high school? Join the club. Those adolescent years between the ages of 14 and 18 are a critical time in your life. High school is wholly transformative. You start figuring out who you are, what kind of person you’ll be when you grow up, and what the heck a pythagorean theorem is. Sure, we all need to learn core subjects, like Algebra, Chemistry, and how to take a nap in Criminal Justice. However, the things you learn in school should also help you evolve as a person in your everyday life, relationships, and career. The last I checked, Algebra didn’t help me figure out how to change a tire. Besides Home Economics and Driver’s Education, few classes in high school get you ready for the real world. So, get ready to learn some streets smarts, here are the things you wish they taught you in high school.


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How to ask for a raise

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Almost two thirds of employees have never asked for a raise according to PayScale. Asking for a raise shows you have a vision for the future and knowing your self-worth proves to your manager that you are ready to take on more work. It also shows you are willing to go above and beyond for your company. As scary as it sounds, communicating with your manager is key and showing why you deserve the salary adjustment will help you get what you want.


How to handle stress


Poor mental heath is a huge problem in today’s society. The pressure to preform well in high school can lead to high stress in young adults. Learning how to deal with stress in a healthy way can lower the chances of depression and anxiety.




Understanding how claims and deductibles work for different kinds of insurances can be confusing. Teenagers transitioning into their young adult lives should be taught how car, health, dental and life insurance works. Knowing what questions to ask and how to shop for policies could help make students better protected.


How to apply for a passport


It might sound simple, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t get passports because they don’t know how. First you have to fill out a DS-11 form, then you must provide evidence of U.S. citizenship. You also must provide a current ID and photo of yourself. The hassle and the lack of education usually prevents people from seeing the world.


How to make a resume


A resume is an employer’s first impression of you. Knowing how to create a summary of your past job history could score you your dream job. A resume is also a great way to market yourself. It helps show what skills and experiences you can contribute to the company.

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