Top 10 Best Online Dating Apps – Ranked

Are you looking for best online dating apps but can’t even find the right dating one, much less the right partner? You’re not alone, there are about 111 million single people in the US! So, the good news is there’s plenty of options and dating apps can help you narrow things down. These dating apps help you find people who share your interests, are in the same general area you are, and who share your political views and personal values. Choosing the right app can help you narrow things down so you get to your last “first date” sooner! So, get ready to get back on the saddle, here’s a list of the Best Online Dating Apps to get you started. Each one has a free version, so you can give it a try without any commitments!




If you and your star-crossed lover cross actual paths, you can find each other on Happn!

Pros: Great for shy people. There’s no long-distance relationships here, and you don’t get contacted by people who aren’t matches.

Cons: It seems to get low scores from people who don’t live in densely populated areas or who live in incredibly overpopulated areas. We’re not sure how big the space between is.




If you’re really bad at picking a partner, this app is for you! This app let’s your friends play matchmaker for you. Your friends review profiles and reach out to the people they feel are a good fit for you. Then, if the other person’s friends approve of the meeting, you’ve got a date!

Pros: It’s fun for your whole friend-group. Best of all, you don’t even know when you’ve been rejected!

Cons: It’s a new concept, so the user base is still fairly small. You need friends you really trust and who have a good grasp on what you like.




Although it has a reputation, Tinder still boasts one of the largest user bases out there. That means it has plenty of options for you to consider (both good and bad). While it is more than a hook up app, it only takes a moment’s glance for someone to decide to swipe right (if they like what they see) or swipe left (if they don’t). Things start off with a fairly shallow approach but where it goes from there is up to you.

Pros: It’s incredibly easy to get started, which is part of why so many people are on it! The app is very user friendly and you will probably catch on very quickly.

Cons: There very few filters and plenty of profiles. This means lots and lots of swiping left. Judgements of whether someone is interested in you will be based primarily on your profile image which can be intimidating.




This dating app avoids the superficiality of Tinder and the endless personality tests of eHarmony. It introduces you to people you are likely to be akin to: friends of your friends.

Pros: The user base is growing, and fast! Hinge found that 72% of the users who go on first dates want to go on a second date. That’s not a bad number! Honestly, the free version has a lot to offer and many users are perfectly content without getting the paid app.

Cons: Meeting friends of friends may mean some awkward social moments if things don’t end well.



first date

This app is for a more mature crowd as the name implies. This one is ideal for the career-focused college graduate who know exactly what they want in a partner. Profile set up requires some time and energy which weeds out the younger “hook-up” crowd and gives users more qualified matches.

Pros: Lots of filters and a fancy Fraud Detection System!

Cons: It takes some time to set up your profile, and unlike some of the other apps on our list, the free version just doesn’t cut it. It’s one of the pricier options out there, but maybe you’ll get what you pay for.

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