Top 10 Most Popular ASMR Whispering Videos – Ranked

With so many videos to choose from, choosing the top 10 most popular ASMR whispering videos is no easy feat. In fact, it’s nigh impossible. ASMRtists release great content every day. The wide selection of quality videos is truly unfathomable. However, over the years, certain mainstay videos have made a true impact in the ASMR community. Not only are they popular, but they’ve influenced the ASMR community as a whole. These are the kinds of videos people go back to over and over again to help with their insomnia, anxiety, and depression. While we could put together a multitude of great ASMR videos, here are our top 10 most popular ASMR whispering videos – ranked.


ASMR Drawing Map of Europe - Soft Spoken - With Cough Drop


ASMRctica has a deep, slow, and pleasant voice to fall asleep to. He usually does drawing and writing style ASMR videos and rarely ever shows his face. While many of his videos don’t reach millions of views, this one in particular did.


Come closer, little moth...❤


TheOneLilium ASMR has been around the ASMR community for a while. Of her many videos, this is definitely some of her best work as an ASMRtist. She has a calming presence and a soothing voice that’ll make anyone slip into a deep slumber.


ASMR Sound Slice: Binaural SKSK (& the origin of "SK") and Ear Massage for Relaxation


Heather Feather ASMR was the originator of the “sk” sound, sparking a wave of imitation videos. Though this video only reached 1+ million, it still stands as a huge influence and a pivotal moment for ASMR as a whole.


[ASMR] Soft/Slow Breathing, SkSkSk, Kissing (No Talking)


Speaking of “sk” sounds, this is one of many that utilizes the ASMR technique. JellyBean ASMR also uses a binaural microphone with anatomically correct human ears to make the experience more authentic.


❇ The ASMR Sleep Clinic ~ To Help You Fall Asleep ❇


This sleep clinic role play by TheUKASMR has reached 3 million views and 15 thousand likes. From brushing your face to ear to ear meditation, she’ll have you falling asleep in no time with this video.

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