Top 10 Reese Witherspoon Book Club Picks For Every Reader

“The Light We Lost” by Jill Santopolo
A love story for the ages. Another book from Reese Witherspoon’s book club pick is “The Light We Lost” by Jill Santopolo. Hands down, Santopolo’s romance novel is timeless. Focused on two lovers who never seem to find the right time or place to start their lives together, and who can never seem to break free from each other.

The Premise
Lucy and Gabe want each other, but they need to change the world and that trumps their love. So, they split up to pursue their dreams, but they are still drawn to each other. Years later, they reunite, but it is bittersweet. Without a doubt, “The Light We Lost” delves deep into the sacrifices we make to fulfill our dreams.  Don’t wait, go pick up the book now!

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