Top 15 Best Dog Training Videos – Ranked!

Are you having difficulties getting your dog to behave? Dogs can be a real handful especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, YouTube has plenty of dog training videos to help out. So, whether your dog won’t stop going to the bathroom in the house, are constantly barking, or keep jumping up on people, these effective training videos show you ways to stop these irritating behaviors. You can also learn to teach your dog some cool tricks to impress your friends at the next dinner party. So, grab your dog treats, here are the Top 15 Best Dog Training Videos- Ranked!


How To Stop Puppy Biting: Training Puppies Not to Bite


Puppies are adorable, but those adorable little creatures have sharp little teeth. They might not know better, but they can nip at you. The problem is that these cute puppies eventually become big dogs with big teeth. Kathy Santo offers some friendly and effective tips on how to curb this, such as teaching your puppy to bite on toys. Kathy has been training dogs since the early ’80s and has won several awards for Canine agility and obedience.


How to Teach your Puppy to Sit and Stay


Puppies are very hyperactive. They run all over the place, jump on people, and without training at an early age, won’t stop the behavior. Zak George, a famous dog trainer, teaches you how to get your puppy to sit and stay, without using force. Zak uses a simple salmon treat to get the puppy, Hazel, to sit.


How to Train your DOG NOT to JUMP


Why are dogs always jumping on people? According to famous dog trainer Zak Geroge, it’s a variety of reasons, including little exercise, mental activities or, very simply, your dog is trying to communicate. The trick is not to reward this unwanted behavior but to let your dog know right away that they need to stop.


Teach dog to Play Dead


Yes, it’s important to teach your dog the basics of sit, stay, and come, but if you can teach your dogs some tricks like play dead, then that’s an added bonus. Julie Posluns has an MSC in Cognitive and Behavioral Ecology, specializing in unfamiliar dogs. Ms. Posluns shows you how to teach your dog to play dead by using a method called back-chaining. Which is doing the last part of the trick first and working backward.


Easy, Dog Trick: How to Teach your Dog to Speak or Bark When you Ask.


Zak George with another entertaining dog trick tutorial. How to get your dog to bark on command. Maybe up next he can show me how to get my dog to recite Shakespeare? Some of you may be thinking, why would I want my dog to bark? Well, according to Zak, by teaching them to bark when you want them too, it teaches them how to communicate more effectively. Using a clicker, a treat, and a lot of patience, you can get your dog to bark on command.

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