Top 15 Villain Deaths – Ranked

Villain deaths, done well, can be one of the most satisfying aspects of a film. In every good movie you’ll find memorable characters, an interesting plot, cool action sequences, and a despicable villain. In some cases, the best films have a villain that is more interesting and complex than the protagonist. Moviegoers seldom remember weak villains who either fail to raise the stakes significantly for the hero or don’t receive their comeuppance in a satisfying way. Thankfully, Hollywood has provided more than a few villains who’ve met their end in a truly awesome fashion. These baddies pushed the good guys to the brink and suffered painfully for it. Behold, the Top 15 Villain Deaths – Ranked!


Darth Maul

Maul fights

“Star Wars” purists love to bash the prequel trilogy, but it’s undeniable that one villain from that series is a cut above the rest—Darth Maul. In “The Phantom Menace,” Maul says very little and lets his double-bladed lightsaber do most of the talking. He fights Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi in an epic duel on Naboo that results in the death of Jinn. Separated by a timed force field, Maul paces impatiently for his next victim, Kenobi, to emerge from the impenetrable barrier. When Obi-Wan finally does the two lightsabers clash fiercely until the young Jedi is thrown into a pit. Holding on for dear life, Obi-Wan manages to use the Force to escape his predicament and cut Maul with his lightsaber. The Sith lord falls down the pit, split in two from his Obi-Wan’s devastating blow.




In Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” Gaston is the arrogant foil to the soft-hearted Beast. He makes numerous advances toward Belle and is constantly rebuffed. When he finds out she’s in love with the Beast, Gaston leads a mob to the hero’s castle in hopes of slaying the creature. He finds a forlorn Beast in the west wing of the castle and shoots an arrow into his back, wounding him. They both fight on the castle rooftop until Belle shows up and Beast goes to her. While the Beast is distracted, Gaston stabs him in the back, but he quickly slips off the roof and plummets to his death. A dark demise for a villain in a children’s movie.


Alec Trevelyan


Alec Trevelyan is the traitorous 006 in the James Bond film, “Goldeneye.” Trevelyan is the leader of the Janus crime syndicate and threatens to destroy Great Britain’s economy by using a Soviet space weapon known as the Goldeneye. He meets his end after an epic fight with Bond atop the Goldeneye satellite situated hundreds of feet above ground. After pinning Bond down onto a small platform, Trevelyan is distracted for a moment and kicked off by 007. He falls from the perilous height and miraculously survives the fall. But moments later the satellite explodes and tons of debris crushes Trevelyan.


Alien Queen


In the third act of “Aliens,” Ellen Ripley encounters the Alien Queen on the planet LV-426 and destroys her xenomorph hive before escaping on a drop ship to dock with the Sulaco warship in space. Unfortunately, the heroine soon discovers that the nasty Queen stowed away on the drop ship when she severs Bishop in half with her tail. The Alien Queen then targets the little girl, Newt, but just when she’s about to seize on her prey, Ripley shows up in an exosuit power loader. The Queen and Ripley fight to a stalemate before tumbling down an airlock shaft. Ripley attempts to escape but the Alien Queen seizes her foot. For a moment, it seems as though the xenomorph villain might make a comeback until Ripley opens the airlock door and the Queen is sucked out into the blackness of outer space.



Magua death

A young ruthless Huron warrior, Magua is the main antagonist in “Last of the Mohicans.“He kills British soldiers and other Natives throughout the film setting up a final conflict with the heroes, Hawkeye and Chingachgook. Uncas, Chingachgook’s son, battles Magua on a mountainside, but is unable to stop the villain and suffers a painful death at his hands. Chingachgook witnesses his son’s death and quickly runs to avenge him. The elder Mohican completely obliterates Magua with his gunstock war club. Magua suffers blunt force blows from the club that shatter his bones before the grieving father stabs him with the spear point of his club. It’s an epic defeat that is highly satisfying after Magua’s reign of terror.

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