25 Top Craziest Beards Ever

Beards…those legendary staples of manliness. Just think of Abraham Lincoln, John Lennon, and Ernest Hemingway. Men among boys many would say. Now of course, their exploits in the worlds of politics, music, and literature certainly had a lot to do with their fame and fortune, but how far do you think they would have gotten without the hair under their face? Okay, so maybe they still would have gone pretty far, but the point is that if you want to be like them, it wouldn’t hurt to have some memorable facial hair. Therefore, as a source of inspiration we bring you this list! From wildly weird to downright funny, here are the 25 Top Craziest Beards Ever!


Beard Face


Epic Beard Man




dollar beard

The “I will never fall asleep at a party again” beard



The “I second that” beard


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